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Terra Pure Organic Natural Wild Citrus Collections
Terra Pure Organic Natural Wild Citrus Collections

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Terra Pure Wild Citrus Collection SKU# Case
Shampoo – 1 oz/30 ml Bottle WC06-S100OR-2 250
Conditioner – 1 oz/30 ml Bottle WC07-C100OR-2 250
Lotion – 1 oz/30 ml Bottle WC08-L100OR-2 250
Body Wash – 1 oz/30 ml Bottle WC09-W100OR-2 250
Cleansing Bar – 28g Sachet WC20-SCB150 300
Cleansing Bar – 14g Sachet WC21-SCB075 400
Body Bar – 42g Box WC22-BBB150 250
Cleansing Bar – 28g Box WC23-BCB100 250
Shower Cap – Sachet WC30-SSC 500
Personal Care Kit – Sachet WC31-SPC 500
Shower Cap – Box WC32-BSC 500
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